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Fishing Addiction crew on board Iona II filming and episode!

Capt AJ & Capt Trent have the crew from the Lifestyles channel fishing show Fishing Addiction on board for 3 days. The first day, Tuesday, Capt AJ headed out and caught a 60kg striped marlin. The film crew got some excellent above & below the water footage. We also had a nice blue marlin on that jumped through the line unfortuantely and lost a black marlin in the afternoon.

Yesterday Capt Trent took the film crew out & caught a black marlin. The guy that was angling was surprised by the show with this trip & because he caught a striped & black marlin he receives $5000 in tackle, not bad for 2 marlin. Today is the last day of their charter with Capt Trent at the helm again. Stay tuned for the day’s results. And also stay tuned to Lifestyle channel, we will let you know when it goes to air!!

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