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1st Giant Black Marlin of the Cairns Season goes to…… Iona II!!!

September 1st, 2011

Capt AJ and crewmen Rhino & Mustard had a CRACKER of a first day of the Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season with a beautiful 800lb black marlin!!! We also caught a 200lb black marlin & lost a nice 600lb black marlin. A 60lb yellowfin tuna & a 50lb wahoo topped of an unbelievably great 1st day of fishing.
US angler Tollie Potgieter & his family headed out onboard the Iona II on Tuesday evening so Capt AJ could secure his spot at his regular haunt the “bus stop” and his consistency at fishing this spot paid off yet again. Cracker of a day!! Well done to Capt AJ & the Iona II team.
Today is the last day for Tollie & his family so lets see if Capt AJ can pull more magic out of his Captain’s hat!!!

Fishing Addiction crew on board Iona II filming and episode!

February 17th, 2011

Capt AJ & Capt Trent have the crew from the Lifestyles channel fishing show Fishing Addiction on board for 3 days. The first day, Tuesday, Capt AJ headed out and caught a 60kg striped marlin. The film crew got some excellent above & below the water footage. We also had a nice blue marlin on that jumped through the line unfortuantely and lost a black marlin in the afternoon.

Yesterday Capt Trent took the film crew out & caught a black marlin. The guy that was angling was surprised by the show with this trip & because he caught a striped & black marlin he receives $5000 in tackle, not bad for 2 marlin. Today is the last day of their charter with Capt Trent at the helm again. Stay tuned for the day’s results. And also stay tuned to Lifestyle channel, we will let you know when it goes to air!!

Iona II takes out Champion Boat in the Lake Macquarie Big Fish Bonanza!

February 7th, 2011

Capt AJ & team Iona II take out Champion Boat in the capture division for the 2nd year running. We also took out champion female angler, congratulations to Amanda Cromarty & congrats to Capt AJ, Rhino, Mustard & the Iona II team. Well done! And we only fished one day due to Capt AJ’s work call to FNQ in the aftermath of cyclone Yasi.

What a day, we started fishing at 7am on Saturday morning we had our first bite out of a juvenille black marlin then got a bite out of a very active wild striped marlin that nearly jumped into the boat of Born Free with Capt Tim Dean at the helm. Instead the fish decided to go under Born Free & Capt Tim was hooked up at the same time!! His fish went deep & at one stage Tim & I were 50m from each other and his fish was under the Iona II! Tim wasn’t in a position to go anywhere so the Iona II was forced to roar off at 22knots with black smoke billowing chasing our striped marlin which was amazingly still on and to get out of the way of the Born Free! Once we were away the stripey was back up on the surface jumping around like crazy and decided to head back towards Tim. By this stage there were other boats moving in to see what was going on the stripey headed towards the Ningaloo, then with the engines roaring the stripey turned thank god & like a typical striped marlin on a light line it was up on the surface gliding down sea heading towards Port Stephens! We eventually got a gaff shot and got the stripey on board along with a cockpit of water!!

5 minutes after we boated the stripey we had a double header on but because of the chaos of boating the fish & the fish being on the deck & the hangovers the anglers were nursing we lost both fish!! After all the action we had a bite late in the afternoon.

Well done to Capt AJ & the Iona II team 2nd year running Champion Boat in the Big Fish Bonanza Lake Macquarie.

Champion Boat Tag & Release went to Capt Tim Dean & the Born Free.

Amanda Cromarty Champion Female Angler

Amanda Cromarty Champion Female Angler

A Blue Day for the Boys!

January 23rd, 2011

We had some great guys on board yesterday but a very frustrating day! We had 2 blue marlin on & a striped marlin & lost all 3! We also raised another blue marlin. But good to know the blues have showed up off Newcastle.

We are out again today with some old footy mates lets hope we can keep the hooks in them!

First Striped Marlin for the Season

January 22nd, 2011


3 out of 7 for Capt AJ

October 11th, 2010

After 2 quiet days fishing it was nice to see some action today. Our intention this morning was to head further south but the purple water told us otherwise. This was confirmed with 7 fish raised 5 hooked and 3 caught around 150lb. We pulled the hook on a monster to say the least so we are hoping the grounds will produce tomorrow!

850lb Black on 50lb for Andrea!

October 11th, 2010

Capt Trent finished his 8 days with Andrea on Friday. Andrea fished 50lb tackle for the trip, we had 10 bites in the 8 days and caught 3, a very nice 850lb & 2 between 200lb & 250lb. Hard to keep the hooks on this tackle but a good time was had by all trying!!!

Capt Adam back from his holiday and back at the helm of the Iona II headed out on Saturday with his 2 sons Bailey & Cooper and Robbie Hyland of Newcastle that runs the successful game boat Weapon, Dale & Chris. The weekend was a bit slow he saw one. Hoping for some action these next few days.

Trent back on the Iona had a bit of slow weekend also he had one on but its slow up & down the reef unfortuantely. One of the boats in the fleet got lucky though with a 1000lb to boast.

Trent headed out today for 5 days with Port Macquarie local Scott and a couple of mates so we hope the fishing improves.

Stay tuned for both Iona reports & check out the great pics taken by Rhino of the 850lb black marlin for Andrea.

850lb on 50lb for Andrea

850lb on 50lb for Andrea

Hang on!

Hang on!

Wet n Wild Days for our Panama client!

October 3rd, 2010

Capt Trent headed out of Yorkeys on Friday with regular client from Panama Andrea Gonella. Andrea’s feat this season is to achieve a world record on 50lb. Capt Trent gave the record a nudge on the first day of fishing loosing the bait to a very nice fish, bad luck Andrea.
Yesterday they had 3 up and caught a small one. Andrea has another 6 days fishing and if all fails he is back in November for 14 days to give it another shot. We wish him all the luck & good karma to him!

Capt Trent’s 950lb black marlin !

October 3rd, 2010
950lb Black Marlin

950lb Black Marlin

Capt Trent back on the reef & firing!

September 29th, 2010

Capt Trent headed out on the Iona from Yorkeys Knob last Thursday for a 7 day charter with Johnny Wilson and what a charter.

Back in Cairns tonight and sure the boys will be celebrating with their 5 black marlin in the 7 days.  A very nice 950lb black marlin caught yesterday at Linden Bank and the other 4 black marlin ranged from 120lb to 500lb.  

Other boats up around Ribbon Reef No.8 report big fish one boat reporting 6 black marlin for a day great news for the fleet.

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